The Story

Back in 2017, my colleague, Louise Bangsgaard, and I, Marie, were informed about an innovation competition "The Capital Region of Denmark’s Innovation Competition" (a competition of ideas coming from within the clinical sector). We saw the opportunity to participate with a product solution, which the nurses at our department had talked about for a long time. A solution, which could solve many of our everyday problems. We participated, and to our surprise we were one of three winners.

This was the start of Measurelet, and we got our first boost into the startup business!

Today, Measurelet is lucky to be participating in The Danish Tech Challenge at DTU Lyngby. This has been very challenging, but has also made it possible for me as  CEO to reach out to many gifted and experienced people, who are now taking part in the project.


On this journey I have been very fortunate to meet Morten, now a cherished member of the team. Morten  plays  an important role in the development of Measurelet, both the product and the company.

Morten and I are now the core of the team, awaiting an exciting future for Measurelet.


The Core

Lommer Bagger

CEO, Founder

Nurse, MSc, 40 years old


Works full-time on the project

Passionate entrepreneur, positive, seizes opportunities, empathetic

Good at seeking new competencies and  not afraid of asking for help and advice

Married to an entrepreneur with two children


"It is in the relationships and meetings with other people that I find  the drive to develop and make a difference.”

Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen

CTO, Engineering

Engineer, MSc., PhD, 31 years old


Works part-time on the project

Engineer in medicine and biology (DTU) and holds

a PhD. in physiology / biology from the University of Copenhagen


Postgraduate, worked in the Capital Region, primarily with  product development and measuring equipment for use in medical education and quality tests


Own company since 2011, which has made budget and potential analyses (solar parks, major centers, etc.)

Board of Directors

Henrik Harboe

MD, Serial entrepreneur

& panel member


21 years of experience with entrepreneurship. Counselor and supervisor for several startups

Works in the Innovation Fund, DTC, Novo Nordisk Foundation etc.


Entrepreneur,  has built up the company Pnn Medical A/S

Sam Kondo Steffensen

PhD, Program Director

at DTU Business

Has extensive knowledge of the market and a large network in the hospital sector, both in Denmark, USA and Japan


Has  great insight into innovation, AI, the political world and big data




Marie Lommer Bagger

CEO & Founder


Morten Bo Søndergaard Svendsen

CTO & Engineering 


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